Why Do Mosquito Bites Itch When You Are Bitten

One of the most horrible people can experience is getting bitten by a mosquito.  There have been millions of people from all over the world that have been bitten by a mosquito and have found that the bite was not in fact painful but the reaction their skin has suffered after.  That, in fact, will have to be one of the worst things that come from having an encounter with a mosquito because once someone is bitten by a mosquito, they find their skin takes a really bad reaction.  Usually, a small little bump will be found in the bite area and it will become red, not swollen but very red.  The red bump isn’t all that bad in fact because it’s just one small little bump but the itching will be the problem.

However, why do mosquito bites itch?  This is what so many people want to know and to be honest, it’s all very simple so why do mosquito bites itch?  Firstly, the body knows that the mosquito has bitten the body but only after it has occurred.  However, the body or rather the immune system knows that it shouldn’t have happened and tries to protect itself and releases histamine to fight the foreign substance in the body.  It’s protecting the body causing the area to swell but when this happens and the red bump appears, the nerves are now irritated and becomes itchy.

This all seems to be so simple and it really is.  The problem can go away usually in a few days but it will be a huge irritation and it will be so itchy also, so try not to think about it.  Why do mosquito bites itch?  It’s all so simple with the nerves in the area being affected which causes the itching.  This might not seem to be all that tricky to deal with but it can be especially with it itching and it probably will be very itchy.  However, treating the bite shouldn’t be too difficult and usually the red bump will disappear, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to deal with.